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Celebrate Spring by Donating Blood!

A blood drive is coming up in your area so this is a great time to consider donating blood. The region is facing a severe blood shortage. Healthy individuals are needed to donate now and help patients who are counting on lifesaving blood. 

Click here to make an appointment 


It’s now easier than ever to report a maintenance request to the management team. Arterra now offers a new Work Order option in your Resident Portal.  This is a great way to communicate a maintenance issue in the common areas that you might normally report via email.  Submitting your request via your resident portal will allow you to track the status of the work order while the management team works on it.

To submit a work order/maintenance request, log into your resident portal and select the “Work Order” option under the “My Home” tab on the left side of the page. 


Whether you own or rent your home, insurance is essential to protect your property and household goods. Comparison shopping for the best rates will certainly save you some money, but you also can save by following these tips:

  • Choose a higher deductible—increasing your deductible by just a few hundred dollars can make a big difference in your insurance premium.
  • Ask your insurance agent about discounts. Dead bolts, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and security systems, are just some of the home safety features that can often lower your rate.
  • You also may be able to get a lower premium if you are a long-term customer or if you bundle other coverage, such as auto insurance, with your provider. Some companies also offer senior discounts for customers who are older than 55 years.
  • If you’re a renter, don’t assume your landlord carries insurance on your personal belongings. She or he likely doesn’t. Purchase a separate renters’ policy to be sure your property—like furniture, electronics, clothing and other personal items—is covered.
  • Don’t wait until you have a loss to find out whether you have the right type and amount of insurance. For example, many policies require you to pay extra for coverage for high-ticket items like computers, cameras, jewelry, art, antiques, musical instruments, and stamp and coin collections.
  • Furthermore, not all coverage will replace fully what is insured. An “actual-cash-value” policy will save you money on premiums, but it only pays what your property is worth at the time of loss (your cost minus depreciation for age and wear). “Replacement” coverage gives you the money to rebuild your home and replace its contents.
  • Finally, a standard homeowners’ policy does not cover earthquake damage. The cost of a separate earthquake policy depends on the likelihood of earthquakes in your area.

Arterra is more accessible than ever!

The new MUNI T-Line/Central Subway is officially open 7 days a week. With the nearest T-Line stop just one block away on 4th Street & King, Arterra residents are now just 3 stops away from Downtown, and have direct service to Chinatown. Check out the SFMTA Central Subway page for details https://www.sfmta.com/projects/central-subway-project

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