$10 Giants Tickets on Sale for 2019 | AT&T Park

Posted By on November 19, 2018


Super cheap Giants tickets for the 2019 season are going on sale on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. You can buy tickets for the entire season with many midweek tickets starting at just $10

Beginning at 10am on November 20, 2018 you can purchase $10 tickets online or in person at all Giants Dugout Store locations.

Cheap Tip: Head to the AT&T Park Giants Dugout Store if you want to purchase tickets with no service charges. Please note there may be long lines. You can also buy tickets online and in person at other Giants’ Dugout Stores but will have to pay ticketing fees & services charges. 

Please note that the ticket windows at Willie Mays Plaza will NOT be open for sales on November 20th.

With the Giants dynamic pricing structure, fans are encouraged to purchase tickets early to secure the best prices. Unlike previous years where ticket sales had a blackout period just after Christmas, for the 2019 season, tickets will be on continuous sale.

$10 Tickets Game Schedule for 2019
Ticket prices may fluctuate due to “dynamic pricing”
Tickets on sale starting November 20, 2018 at 10am
– Prior to the public on-sale, Visa Cardholders can begin purchasing tickets online on day earlier on Monday, November 19, 2018.

$10 Ticket Games

Here are all the games with $10 tickets for the 2019 seaons. Please note that due to dynamic pricing these prices may change. Also note the new start

time for midweek night games for 2019 at 6:45pm.

Mon., Mar 25 OAK 6:45 PM
Tues., Mar 26 OAK 6:45 PM
Mon., Apr 8 SD 6:45 PM
Tues., Apr 9 SD 6:45 PM
Wed., Apr 10 SD 12:45PM
Thurs., Apr 11 COL 6:45 PM
Tues., May 14 TOR 6:45 PM
Mon., May 20 ATL 6:45 PM
Tues., May 21 ATL 6:45 PM
Wed., May 22 ATL 6:45 PM
Tues., Jun 11 SD 6:45 PM
Wed., Jun 12 SD 6:45 PM
Mon., Jun 24 COL 6:45 PM
Tues., Jun 25 COL 6:45 PM
Mon., Aug 26 ARI 6:45 PM
Tues., Aug 27 ARI 6:45 PM
Mon., Sep 9 PIT 6:45 PM
Tues., Sep 10 PIT 6:45 PM
Wed., Sep 11 PIT 6:45 PM
Tues., Sep 24 COL 6:45 PM
Wed., Sep 25 COL 6:45 PM



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