An Arterra Exhibition Spotlights Local Talent

Posted By on July 27, 2023

If you have visited the second-floor gallery recently, you have probably noticed that Arterra has officially returned to its artful roots and is again hosting the work of a talented local artist.   In past years Arterra has hosted numerous artists on the second-floor gallery, a tradition that allows residents to connect with some of the amazing talent among our SF community, and to also enjoy an elevated experience on the way to the fitness center and eco-suite amenities. 

About the Artist

Master Painter Ben Huang is an accomplished artist who paints Chinese paintings with his fingers.  Ben is a father, retired farmer & cook with many talents and a kind heart. Ben started painting murals when he was 19. He began painting with his fingers when drops of paint fell on a canvas. His paintings depict auspicious vignettes of Chinese landscapes, birds, fish, pigs, flowers and the elements of nature. Follow on Instagram and see Ben paint LIVE: @benhuangart

The Social & Art Committee did a fantastic job coordinating and hosting the Art Reception on July 20th.  Spearheaded by committee member Lisa Ma, the installation and reception featured a live demonstration of the artist’s finger-painting technique, delicious local cuisine & wine, and fun raffle prizes.  Please join in extending our sincere gratitude to the dedicated individuals on the Social & Art Committee:  Aparadh Abhijit, Evelyn Borges, Don Cecil, Matt Larsen, Lisa Ma, and Carla Sarett.



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