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Upcoming Event!

Flower Piano in Golden Gate Park

If you have never attended the Flowers Piano event at Golden Gate Park’s Arboreturm / Botantical Gardens, I highly recommend it.

From September 8-12, twelve pianos will be placed inside the gardens of the Arboretum.

While there will be scheduled times at each piano for performances, the pianos are available on a first-come first-serve basis for anyone to play.

Go with friends, pack a lunch, and stroll thru the gardens.

For details on Flowers Piano:

To avoid traffic and parking issues, take the N Judah Metro line to 9th Avenue/Irving, then walk one block to the Park.

The Arboretum has TWO entrances — one near the 9th Avenue entrance to the park; the other closer to the Japanese Tea Garden / DeYoung. CLICK HERE for a map.


The Port of San Francisco is served by several community advisory groups that are appointed by the Port Executive Director to provide input and exchange among advisory group members, Port staff, and the general public in meetings that are open to the public. These interactive discussions inform staff assessments, presentations and recommendations to the Port Commission.  Currently, there are five Port advisory groups that focus on localized or content areas.  The committees focusing on areas most adjacent to Arterra are the Embarcadero Safe Navigation Center, Northern, and Southern Advisory Committees. 

Advisory groups typically will meet bi-monthly and are open to the public and noticed by email.  Attending advisory committee meetings is a great way to stay informed about your community.  To join the email list CLICK HERE or visit the SF Port Website at  

An Arterra Exhibition Spotlights Local Talent

If you have visited the second-floor gallery recently, you have probably noticed that Arterra has officially returned to its artful roots and is again hosting the work of a talented local artist.   In past years Arterra has hosted numerous artists on the second-floor gallery, a tradition that allows residents to connect with some of the amazing talent among our SF community, and to also enjoy an elevated experience on the way to the fitness center and eco-suite amenities. 

About the Artist

Master Painter Ben Huang is an accomplished artist who paints Chinese paintings with his fingers.  Ben is a father, retired farmer & cook with many talents and a kind heart. Ben started painting murals when he was 19. He began painting with his fingers when drops of paint fell on a canvas. His paintings depict auspicious vignettes of Chinese landscapes, birds, fish, pigs, flowers and the elements of nature. Follow on Instagram and see Ben paint LIVE: @benhuangart

The Social & Art Committee did a fantastic job coordinating and hosting the Art Reception on July 20th.  Spearheaded by committee member Lisa Ma, the installation and reception featured a live demonstration of the artist’s finger-painting technique, delicious local cuisine & wine, and fun raffle prizes.  Please join in extending our sincere gratitude to the dedicated individuals on the Social & Art Committee:  Aparadh Abhijit, Evelyn Borges, Don Cecil, Matt Larsen, Lisa Ma, and Carla Sarett.


How wildlife coexists and thrives in Mission Bay Parks

The Mission Bay Parks System is home to an abundance of wildlife, particularly along the riparian zones of the Mission Creek shoreline. In this area, park visitors can spot a wealth of birds and other animals that thrive in the nutrient-rich mud and bay waters. Mission Creek is linked directly to San Francisco Bay.  The tides flow twice a day. Many of the animals that live in the San Francisco Bay venture up Mission Creek to visit the calm, nutrient-rich waters.

One of the best locations for wildlife viewing in Mission Creek Park is just steps from Arterra at the 5th Street Overlook, which can be reached from Berry and 5th Streets. Park Management does not allow direct pedestrian or dog access on the shorelines to protect the wildlife in the Creek and ensure the safety of park visitors by keeping them off of the slippery rip rap. From the 5th Street Overlook, park visitors may notice ripples in the water.  Just beneath the surface, there are often schools of fish swimming. There may even be a cormorant or sea lion in pursuit! A wide array of sea creatures can be spotted swimming in Mission Creek, including:

Wildlife on display

| California sea lions

| Bat rays

| Schools of Anchovies

| Herring

| Shiner Surfperch

| Dungeness Crab

Abundance for birders

Mission Creek is also home to a thriving community of birds and a favored urban location for local bird watchers.  Bird watchers can look for great blue herons, western grebes, buffleheads, bushtits, hummingbirds, white-crowned sparrows, American robins, northern mockingbirds, snowy egrets, double-crested cormorants, and many more species. Incredibly, this bountiful community of birds can be found in the heart of a formerly industrial zone of San Francisco!

See what you’ve been missing

Come on out to Mission Bay Parks to share this hidden gem in San Francisco with all of the wildlife that thrives here every day. The parks are open from sunrise to 10 pm every day. And there’s no better place to see all that the SF Bay has to offer.


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